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ATB - Ethernet 2.0 –the module is dedicated to ATB start-up kits. Besides thanks to the libraries prepared for Cadsoft Eagle it lets for fast and convenient use in own projects. The latest version of the module is double-voltage and can be used in both – systems powered by +5V and +3,3V. You can change the voltages using SMD jumper or a goldpin. A basic advantage of the resented module is the fact that it doesn’t require any connection wires to connect with ATB kit. The module has a female plug (10 pin), which can be plugged directly into ISP programmer socket on a board. Besides the module is equipped with a male socket (10 pin) to which we can connect any ISP programmer. On a network card there is kind of "pass-through" that allows to connect the module on so-called "sandwich". Such an approach makes the work extremely easy. After connecting the ETH-ATB card is somehow an integral part of the whole kit.

It is worth to mention that the ISP socket on the motherboard is specially designed for such connections and lets for sending two additional signals. These are: CS (Chip Select) signal of a card selection on SPI bus and also INT signal, which is an output of ENC28J60 chip. Thanks to two jumpers placed next to ISP connector on the motherboard we can connect these signals to specific pins of a microcontroller if they are needed. We can disconnect them with jumpers if we are not planning to use from such a connection. Below you can find a part of scheme of ATB board responsible for small specification change of KANDA programmer connector.


Modules of a network card we can use for any project thanks to specially prepared for the program Eagle library *.lbr. It includes the entire module as an element which we can place in our scheme and adjust to own board. The library element contains an outline of the module including both: a plug to ISP socket and holes to screw legs.

Our module use in practice - click on the picture below:




Module available in our online store:


Example source code - CLICK HERE









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