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 ATB SHIELD IO – is an module that extends ATB kits possibility. It is designed to work only in ATB kits fro version 1.04 and higher.

The module content:
  1. PCF8574T expander working on a I2C bus
  2. 74HC595 shift register
  3. LED diodes - 8 pcs
  4. RGB diode - 1 pc.
  5. Two-rows pins of processor ports
  6. Bluetooth socket for ATB-BTM-222
  7. Goldpins and configuration jumpers
  8. Power supply filtering capacitors

 Reliably thought-out construction that allows for convenient module plugging over the processor placed in its socket. Perfectly fits in the kit and greatly extends its capabilities. The module was created on the occasion of releasing the second official, revised edition of the book: “AVR Microcontrollers, C language, Basics of Programming”. Thanks to it we can do additional exercises described in the book without necessity to connect additional elements on a breadboard. At the same time we met expectations of many customers related to double pins lead out of every port of a processor.

ATB SHIELD IO - scheme



From the scheme above we can notice that an expander PCF8574 circuit is connected by default to I2C bus. Additionally there are 3 jumpers that allows for I2C address change and also a jumper thanks to which the last I/O pin can be used to backlight LCD displays using BDD138 transistor. We should also mention that in case of use of a display built-in the ATB kit, the transistor is not needed and used, however in case of necessity to connect any external display it is enough to short the jumper in a default position 2-3.

View in the ATB kit

 The RGB diode allows for smooth regulation of brightness using PWM, there are three pins of the connector for each RGB color (cathode). The diode has common anode.

A shift register 74HC595 allows not only to control the 8 LED diodes installed but also has possibility to lead out Qa – Qh signals outside. You need only to solder a single row goldpin (8x1 pin) on your own.

The module power supply comes from a Bluetooth module (ATB-BTM-222) socket which you should install by yourself in the start-up kit. One piece of that socket you will get with the set (not mounted) buying the module to solder to the ATB kit. Because of specification of power taking, the ATB SHIELD IO module cooperates only with ATB kits, versions 1.04 and higher.

Additionally you can buy specially prepared sockets for the Bluetooth ATB-BTM-222 modules – available in our online store - LINK.

Short presentation of the module capabilities (source: mirekk36.blogspot.com)



Below – gallery of pictures of the module:




Module available in our online store:

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