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ATB SHIELD M128 – is a module that extends ATB kits capabilities. It is designer to work only with ATB kits versions 1.03 and higher.

Content of the module:
  1. ATmega128A
  2. LED RGB intelligent diodes2 pcs (with WS2811 controller)
  3. Single row pins of processor port A,B,C,D,E,F and G
  4. Power supply filtration
  5. Goldpins DI and DO (I/O lines for RGB diodes connected in parallel)
  6. The module connected with ATB kit buses: ATB: RS232, I2C, infrared receiver, ISP, ext, quartz


Solidly thought-out construction that enables convenient module plug-in into DIP40 socket. It perfectly fits to the kit extending its great possibilities. Thanks to it ATB kits users get unlimited possibilities of using so big processors as ATmega128. Ports number of the processor and its internal modules make that you can build any prototype of own device with AVR microcontroller basing on extended ATB kit. Invaluable advantage is that it is absolutely NEW on our market. There are two so called “intelligent” color RGB diodes on the module, which already have integrated WS2811 controllers built-in. Thanks to it the whole chain of diodes connected in parallel with three wires can be connected from only one pin of the microcontroller. By default in the module an output of the diodes is connected to a pin of G port, exactly PG0. In the microcontroller there is a batch which after power switching controls the LED diodes in the form of repeating different lights lightning up. Soon for Atnel’s company customers there will be C language libraries available – so they could use these LEDs on their own.

ATB SHIELD M128 - scheme



For power supply the module uses special goldpins placed at the bottom and which come into socket under ATmega32 microcontroller that was placed before.

View in ATB kit


Additionally you can buy single LED diodes WS2812 – available in our online store - LINK.



Module available in our online store:

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