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ATB-USBASP programmer


ATB-USBASP – was designed for those who do not have our ATB start-up kits in situation when there is a need to program the AVR microcontrollers built-in own circuits. The programmer version presented by us stand out from the other competitive products of the same class. First is openness that we especially put emphasis on. Our programmer version has real, full documentation with detailed scheme of what is particularly important due to the use of some exemptions from standard version that we can find on the website: www.fischl.de/usbasp. The exemptions we are talking about are a key to success of the version of our programmer, however we do not hide them as our competition does what causes frequent and serious problems among beginners who buy untested products on various action sites. The basic goal that prevailed during modifications was not only buffering of a processor or a programmed target circuit system (it is almost standard and even buying from somewhere else it is worth to look for such a solution). The most important thing was to protect the microcontroller placed in the programmer against frequent hanging up during connection and disconnection from the target circuit system. Anyone who often tried to program one by one at least several devices with typical USBASP programmers, has found out that the programmer hangs up and he has to disconnect and connect again a USB cable to it. This activity repeated very often leads to inevitably, physical damages of not only a USB socket in the programmer or a PC but also a USB port damages. That is why we added a specific separation of the microcontroller power through linear stabilizer LDO type, LM1117 symbol, providing +3,3V power. In spite of low power supply value there are no slightest concern about its work with crystal oscillator 12 MHz value. It brings additional benefit. We can use a programmer for programming circuit powered by wide range of voltages from +2,9V to +5V. This range of voltages can be extend a bit by doing some changes in SMD jumpers. We are talking about decreasing the voltage to about +2,2V.



Our programmers are tested before they go for sale. They are tested not only in so far as it is about their basic functionality but also regarding to their cooperation with programmed external circuits. Also taking into account possibility of target circuits power supplying directly from the programmer (from USB). So it is impossible so you could get defective version, containing short circuit or some other damages which description we can often find in Internet forums among disappointed customers of auction sites. It is not all what is an advantage of our programmer on the market. It has the smallest dimension and is carefully designed regarding power voltage filtration. 

Customers that buy our product also get technical support and support in form of full version of "MkAvrCalculator", what makes the price significantly attractive as for such great set. Our technical support allows anyone who purchases our programmer to run it without any problems under any Microsoft operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7 64-bit. Contrary to many mistaken opinions on the Internet, you do not need to resort to any tricks to install the programmer in latest systems versions. Speed of programming of the microcontrollers, thanks to a USB connector is very efficient and fast what makes the work very comfortable. A driver for the programmer you can download here: LINK. A short tutorial video on how to install the drivers in different Microsoft operation systems and also detailed description you can find on our BLOG.

This programmer after purchase will always work reliably. To all our product we give quality warranty. If within a month you decide that the product doesn’t meet your expectations we give you back the money. Within 30 days you can test not only the product but also our technical support. Enjoy.

PDF user manual


Drivers for Windows: libUSBx64.zip



VIDEO guide - installation under MS Windows


Please do not mistake output between plug and socket. (the most common beginners' mistake!)

Programmer available in out online store




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