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DVD programs updates

DVD programs updates
AVR Microcontrollers C language Basics of Programming
03_Multi_LED – minor code corrections
08_TWI - void i2cSetBitrate(uint16_t bitrateKHz) function added
09_SPI - minor code corrections
Updates for libraries of LCD display – applies to all book editions. In libraries only LCD display initialization functions were corrected because of problems with the initialization when the microcontroller was clocked below 8MHz. Currently the library behaves correct for every clock value.  lcd44780.zip  
17_SuperDebounce in Timer 2 initialization code – there is a small fault - that one of our readers noticed. The fault does not cause that the function does not work at all or a program stops to work. The only sign is incorrect waiting time which and usually no one sees that. On right side a link to the incorrect and corrected code. Link - forum  
Voltage measurement fault using few channels in pomiar(), (measurement) function described in the book, ADC chapter Link-forum  
Wrong calculations in ADC chapter – promotion to int type by default Opis - LINK  
Corrections in MKUART related to RS485 MKUART.zip
SIGNIFICANT FAULT in library TWI (I2C) Opis - LINK  
FAULT CORRECTION in lesson: 15_TEST_FAT_FS (during initialization of command card  "di0" in a terminal we get "rc=1" fault Opis - LINK  
Card initialization correction in lesson: 15_TEST_Petit_FS. Due to often reported issue related to card initialization problem after program restart. Opis - LINK  
C Language, Passion of 8-bit microcontrollers Programming
Petit GEN software that is used to generate empty files for exercises of data writing (Dataloger) using PetitFS by mistake generates bites 0xFF value instead of 0xA0 as it is described in the book and on DVD. Here you can download corrected version.
In L08_RFM12_RX and L09_RFM12_TX exercises you should slightly modify a souce code related to initialization    
In MK_USART library (mkuart.c file ) lesson: L21_UART_ASCII_AT there is small a fault in uart_get_str() –function, page 402 of the book

In MK_SSD1963 library (tft_graph.c and mktext.c files) there is a small fault  in the form of few unnecessary tool fuctions call outs Draw_pixel() or Draw_bk_pixel(). For that two loop initialization in fill_rect function must be changed.    
In library to STMPE811 (touch panel support) there is a fault with  initialization – it should be corrected in the code from DVD  
SIGNIFICANT FAULT in TWI (I2C) library Opis - LINK  


UBRR calculation update for RS232 transmission (applies to two books)
I invite you to read article on our blog: http://mirekk36.blogspot.com/2013/01/rs232-ubrr-jak-prawidowo-obliczac-trick.html


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