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About Us

The Atnel company was founded In 1994 as a combination of groups of people that have been working together on common informatics projects for several years. It is our passion to use the newest technological channels in marketing, informatics and telecommunication systems. As an effect of our company activity and development we created many modern programming solutions for business environment. The full range of our services includes: creating and implementing marketing programs for companies using mobile communication as well as production of modern software for companies that are looking for individual solutions, for hosting and web designing purposes. We assiduously follow the latest trends in the fields of marketing and customer communication systems. The same we regularly improve and adapt our products as a respond to the dynamically changing market needs. With a pleasure we are waiting for any interactions with our customers which let us to implement new ideas and provide you with effective working tools.



Nowa witryna firmy Atnel - lipiec 2012
Miło nam poinformować, o zmianie szaty graficznej naszej witryny, która pojawiła się w pierwszej połowie lipca 2012 roku. Wszystko w trosce o dobro naszego klienta.
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tel: +48 91 4635 683
+48 501 008 523
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