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Our publishing house specialize in programming learning publications however they are not only informatics books. The books are also designed for electronics as the mainstream of the knowledge is about microcontrollers and communication ways for PC, mobile phones, etc. Our publications are designed for completely beginners who are trying to get into the world of electronics, as well as for those who already have an experience, especially in the field of analog electronics and are looking for knowledge about microcontrollers and their programming. Thanks to the publications, our readers, no matter what age – students or seniors - can learn very fast about what was till now unavailable or hard to get or reserved only for professional software developers. As our readers opinion say – our books can be treated even as book for holidays because they were wrote using easy language and it is also nice to read them. The big advantage of our publications is carefully considered teaching material, appreciated by number of universities and high schools interested in this subject from whole Poland. We notice growing interest in entire, complete teaching sets that include books and their evaluation sets to perform all experience.

Titles in our offer

AVR Microcontrollers
C language
Basics of Programming


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C Language
Passion of 8-bit microcontrollers Programming


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