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Smart Pc Manager

Smart Pc Manager


There are two applications. One for MS Windows and second for Android. Both application use Ethernet UDP communication protocol on ports: 2800 and 2801. Smart PC Manager allow to control some features on PC, like:


Windows version:


Android version:


1. Audio - smooth volume up/down, Mute, volume step up/down.
2. Movie - Play/Pause function for movies on internet or played from software.
3. Movie - next/previous option (only for some windows applications).
4. Power - Power OFF, Reboot, Hibernate, Sleep, Monitor OFF.
5. Power action - time option. (Right now, 15min, 30min, 1hour etc).
6. Wake UP - switch power ON through WiFi ( PC with Wake On Lan option).
7. Switch windows - same as ALT+TAB function in MS Windows.

Some of described functions like "movie next/prev", like "Wake UP", like "Hibernate/Sleep" could not be working on laptops or some specific desktops.





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