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The ATB-USB-RS232 adapter is a response to a flood of cheap, average quality USB/RS232 adapters available on many auction sites. Our product strengths are:


  1. Working basing on reliable FT232RL chip from FTDICHIP company
  2. RS232 pins lead out outside
  3. Possibility of cooperation with RS232 standard devices ( -12V to +12V )
  4. Possibility of cooperation with TTL standard devices, +3,3V and voltage if a user
  5. Possibility of cooperation with RS485 standard devices (DMX)
  6. Full functionality of the programmer of AVR microcontrollers like ATmega and ATtiny (ISP KANDA)
  7. Bluetooth, ATB-BTM-222 modules support
  8. Possibility of temperature measurement using digital sensors DS18B20, DS1820 types, etc.
  9. USB power leaded out outside
  10. Use of four signaling LED diodes
  11. RESET signal support for Arduino
  12. Power outputs basing on ULN2803 chip
  13. Very good power supply filtration
  14. Possibility to use standard Z-75 housing
  15. Very attractive price for such wide range of capabilities.


A customer gets with the adapter a FULL version of MkAvrCalculator program license!


For now on every programmer of microcontrollers, not only AVR, from an amateur to a professional will be able to use the professional adapter. The tool is invaluable during microcontrollers programming. It lets for fas own projects debugging in easy way, to create user interfaces via terminal and eventually VT100 codes.

Basic manual for ATB-USB-RS232


Scheme of the ATB-USB-RS232 module


During the adapter designing we also took into account possibility to place it in one of typical and standard housing Z-75 symbol. These housings are also in our offer but they are sold separately and don’t have holes prepared for the adapter. In this case a customer must prepare the holes by himself according to his needs. To place the PCB board inside the housing we can brake PCB corners because they have special holes on it. After braking it you need only to polish them slightly.

Z-75 housing for the ATB-USB-RS232



Below a picture gallery and a view of the adapter with Bluetooth module in it:


  ATB-USB-RS232 adapters available in our online store


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